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2yrs timeskip Jay Raptor (New Bio) by KungFu-PandaART

This beautiful, thick, curvy women here is my OC named Jay (2 year time-skip). She does not belong to any anime, she is just drawn in my own anime style. However she is associated with the anime One Piece.

Ethnicity: Ghanaian (Jamaican descent)

birthplace: Ghana, West Africa

Residence before time-skip: Florida

Weapon: Sen'nokaze Bo (a staff that can be generated through Air/Wind.)

When she is in the One Piece World:

Epithet: "Soaring Blue Jay" (reason why for this nickname is because she has no boat to sail around with, so she evaporates the atmosphere's air combine with the ozone temperature to conduct a set of cloud-ish air wings on her back to help her soar across the sea but they can work for 45 mins, after that she has to rest for 10 mins. Later on her friend invented her a type of hang-gliding vehicle that can only work using spiritual air power, not natural, normal air. After so much training and improvement)

Bounty: N/A (She is not well-known through out the world because she is not a pirate, she is a Shaolin monk.)

Affiliation: Whitebeard Pirates (after 2 year time-skip)

Status: 4th division of the Whitebeard pirates (After 2 years since the Marinford/Whitebeard war and after graduating from college, Jay took the position of being the commander of the 4th division (Thacth position after his death). With WhiteBeard passed way, Marco is now captain but still maintains his position of being 1st division, with Ace still being 2nd.

Devil Fruit: N/A ( She is not a devil fruit user. She is a Shaolin master of Air, which means she can control and fight with wind and air. However she stated that if she were to want devil fruit powers, she would want a devil fruit that can allow to left up anything with ease, no matter how heavy the object may be, she will not struggle or tire out.) (Paramecia type)


Portgas D. Ace:

Jay bumped into Ace during his time when he was going out at sea for the first time, so they were long-time companions and friends. She traveled into the One Piece world at age 16 while testing out the new cross-dimension remote her friend Sukayna invented. Before they are just close friends that like to tease around (playfully or sexually) and go on a couple of dates once in a while, and now they are becoming more and more of a couple. The crew keeping asking rather the are hitting it off or not, and they're answers the same; "We're getting there!". If your asking if Jay and Ace had sex; yes: before timeskip after the war to comfort each other and now most of the time when the crew is out on the town and they're alone. Of course they wore a condom. On occasions, especially in public, they at like an old married couple with Jay being the nag and Ace being the stubborn ass. Ace's attractiveness drives cute women to be flirty around him, bringing Jay to a boiling rage of jealous, but she tries her best to hide (she tries!). But regardless, they're both deeply and emotionally in love with each other and have already longtime planned on marrying each other.

Monkey D. Luffy:

Jay is like the over-protective big sister to Luffy. When he is endangered or hurt, she will not hesitate to jump in and save (same how Ace is). With Luffy's reckless and somewhat...stupid actions, Jay can both tolerant his behavior or just sock him one on the head and yell at him, much like anyone would. But either way you look at it, Jay and Luffy care deeply for each other. At times, Jay would join Luffy in playing games and adventuring.


Sabo and Jay feel like they've know each other, even though it has been a short time. They are like brother and sister and enjoy each others company. With Sabo having to deal (Oc) Aki and Jay having to deal with Ace, They both understand how they feel about recklessness and stubbornness, along with Luffy's carelessness.


Much like the others, Jay can either tolerate with Aki's actions and hope it resolves itself or just yell and nag at her about it. Most of the times they would compete against each other to see whose man is more better; Ace or Sabo. But aside from that, They remain a healthy and stable friendship. At times Jay would act like a mother to Aki, even though they are both the same age.


Longtime high-school friends and Otaku buddies. Sukayna is the brilliant, but clumsy inventor that help build Jay an anime multi-verse remote to give them the chance and experience to travel to the anime world. She first had to test it out, by typing in the name of the dimension, her first thought; One Piece, her guinea pig; Jay. With so much failed inventions and explosions, you'd think Jay would be pissed about it, unless it happens to on watch, but instead she puts up with it and sees it as an accident. They both enjoy and share their love for anime,manga, and cosplay. They also love to verse each other in fighting video games.


Jay met Koala sometime around through Sabo. Not much said about there relationship, except they both share a love of martial arts. Koala and Aki both don’t see eye to eye with each other, in fact they both don’t get along with each other, especially when it comes to terms with Sabo.

Boa Hancock:

Jay and Hancock are friendly rivals in love, although they both respect one another in not only beauty and strength, but also fighting for the men they are in love with. Most of the time, they would either take baths together or get in to rude fights for no reason. People would mistake them to be a lesbian couple, which to the guys is boner-sprouting and to the ladies' distaste and anger. Hancock even admits truthful to Jay that she is the second most beautiful women in the world to her, first being Hancock (or Shirohoshi of course).

(Oc)Falcon Raptor:

Not much to say but the both of them except that Falcon has a cold exterior towards his little sister Jay. He puts full blame on her for everything that's happened throughout their childhood; their mother's death and for being homeless, even when it wasn't really Jay's doing. He won't admit that he knows the real person's at fault was their father, Eagle, for abandoning them because he was never around to be said in his face. With so much hatred build up, when training, Falcon would go beyond his will power and either tries to brutally hurt Jay or even forget his common sense and tries to kill her. He even will go in to public and openly tell everyone that she was the one that caused their mother's death, putting shame on Jay for the world to look down on. But in truth, he is highly over-protective of Jay and stalkers her around, watching her every move and to where she goes. Falcon has a deep hatred for Ace, saying that he is a bad man and is corrupting Jay. He is also displease that Ace as fire powers when Falcon should be the shaolin monk of fire known as "flare demon". At Marinford however, for the first time, Falcon set aside his feelings and fought along side Jay and the "Shaolin Siblings"! Even siding with Ace, to combine their fire powers. After the war, his feelings are a bit hazy but mutual towards his little sisters but, no long he blames Jay for their mothers death, he now admits that it was fully their bastard father's doing.


Jay respects Marco for not only his leadership and devil fruit powers but how he takes risk to protect his crew and thinks positive and calm to maintain the flow of the crew. She also like to chat up with Marco about personal advice, work papers, or mostly Ace!


To Jay, Jozu is like the favorable big brother that Jay ever wanted (not counting Jay's older brother Falcon). Jozu and Jay would be hanging out and have fun playing games. Jozu likes to give Jay a ride on his shoulder or give piggyback rides, much to Ace's jealous but he knows it's nothing personal (right?). Jozu is also over-protective of Jay, even though Jay thinks it's troublesome. He always give Jay advice to stray away from a bad path.

(Oc) Jeff Lu: Jeff Lu the 17 year old engineer and weapons expert of the Whitebeard pirates is Jay's little boy toy and admirer. Jay respects Jeff Lu for his ship engineering/technology skills and complainants him for being a cute lil' sweetheart, however she can be quite annoyed by Jeff Lu's perverted actions like peeping on her in the shower, getting a chance to grope her butt or breast, or even do clumsy fall down routines to land on top of Jay, much to her being aware. When ever these actions happen, Jay will just punch or beat up Jeff Lu, but he will always come back for more :).


Jay and Izo are like "Sex and the City" girls. They like to sit down and chat while drinking either tea and coffee. They like to do each others hair and practice fan dancing. Izo also like to go clothes shopping with Jay. Jay feels that Izo is the only man that doesn't get on her nerves with stubbornness and stupidity and is like brotherly-sister to her.

She has a good, healthy relationship with the Whitebeard and Strawhat pirates and her shaolin brothers and sisters.

Brief history about Jay:

Her Mother died of a fatal ill disease, the same time around when her father abandoned her and when she was turning 8. The only family she has is her older brother Falcon, who is very cold and indifferent towards her, he even hates her for thinking that it was her fault for their father's abandonment and for leaving their mother alone in the house for 5 mins while Falcon was getting more logs and when Jay was going to get some fruit. This unhealthy relationship continues through out their poor and struggling lives; Falcon telling everyone that she killed their mother whenever strangers ask them where there parents are, making everyone detest Jay and see what a monster she is. But despite this, he is very over-protective of her and secretly cares deeply for her well-being, especially when he protects her from suspicious people (mostly boys). From then, the two were adopted by shaolin monks and spent the rest of their childhood at the Sacred Shaolin Temple of the Elements, living while training in the art of Kung-Fu and discovering their elemental abilities. By the time Jay was 10 she was already at a 6th ranked level of her air abilities, however her brother was at a 4th ranked level with his fire abilities (he was 14 by then), making him stronger then her. She does states that her Kung-Fu is more excelled than her brother's, making her combat skills more effective and critical. After a while when she turned 16 she attended high school to expand her education. There she met and befriend Sukanya who is an young 18 year old inventor and an Otaku. That's when she invented a cross-dimension device that could be set to any anime world they like to travel though. That is where the story of Jay's first experience though multi-travel, her adventures in the One Piece world, and how she met Ace begins.

Fun Facts:

Many people have complimented Jay for being beautiful, attractively sexy to say. Even though Jay is the type that likes to do fun and crazy things that end badly or better, most of the time, especially when it comes to Ace's or anyone's recklessness, she is very intelligent, acts more mature and is quick to think. She also takes control and responsibility for Ace's and her friends' troublesome shenanigans.

She has 3 gags: Her perverted acts; Jay likes guy-to-guy action when she sees it, and won't hesitant the opportunity to take photos or spy on them. she is also somewhat lusty and "steamy". Her Bribery; Jay likes to bribe people to get out of tough situations, this also proves to be useful when Ace does his dine-and-dash, but instead of paying with real money, she either use fake drawn money, favors, or a peek at her breast which ends up with Jay punching the guy critical out cold. Her funny faces; Jay has a tendency of making unusual funny faces, rather she be happy, sad, angry, surprised, or whatever, she'll have a face for it.

Over the course of being together, Jay inherited Ace's "Live with no regrets" quote, his tolerance of pain and never backing down from a fight. She has also taken a liken to Ace's dine-and-dash antics.

She has a figure 8 body.

She loves food and is great at cooking.

Her spirit animal: Whistling Swan

She has a small tattoo of her air symbol on the left-side of her back.

Like the rest of her family, Jay's name is a pun on the Blue Jay bird. Her family are all named after birds. Just like her mother's name (Raven), Jay's name is part of the Crovidae species (crow family); but her secretly and not to be known for reasons, her last name is Raptor . Her father's name (Eagle) and brother's name (Falcon) is part of the Raptor species. Also Blue Jays are Jay's favorite animal and Blue her favorite color.

VA (Voice Actress):
American- Colleen Clinkenbeard, (Fullmental Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye)
Japanese- Yuka Komatsu, (Naruto Shippuden: Karui)


Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] Day89 - Fireworks My Oc Jay's birthday is today! Working on b-day fanart of her. No rush or nothing, All of July is Jay's birthday! Day89 - Fireworks Sanji (Love Chase) [V1] 
Happy 4th of July to everyone!!


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