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This lovely, thick, curvy women here is my OC named Jay. She does not belong to any anime, she is just my original OC character in my own anime style. However she is associated with the anime One Piece, seeing as that was her first stop.

Side Note(s):

When she is in the One Piece World:

Epithet: "Soaring Blue Jay" (reason why for this nickname is because she has no boat to sail around with, so she evaporates the atmosphere's air combine with the ozone temperature to conduct a set of cloudish air wings on her back to help her soar across the sea but they can work for 45 mins, after that she has to rest for 10 mins. Later on her friend invented her a type of hang-gliding vehicle that can only work using spiritual air power, not natural, normal air.)

Bounty: N/A (She is not well-known through out the world because she is not a pirate nor she belongs in the One Piece world.)

Affiliation: Whitebeard Pirates (I guess)

Status: ??? (We don't know what her overall status is with the crew yet nor she has no status, she does however cooks most of the time for the crew or just comes for a visit.)

Devil Fruit: N/A ( She is not a devil fruit user. She is a Shaolin master of Air, which means she can control and fight with wind and air. However she stated that if she were to want devil fruit powers, she would want a devil fruit that can allow to left up anything with ease, no matter how heavy the object may be, she will not struggle or tire out.) (Paramecia type)

Relationship with Portgas D. Ace:

Jay bumped into Ace during his time when he joined Whitebeard pirates and when Ace was going out at sea for the first time. She traveled into the One Piece world while testing out the new cross-dimension remote her old friend invented for her(her friend's name is Sukanya and she is an inventor; sometimes her inventions are successful.) Right now they are just close friends that like to tease around (playfully or sexually) and go on a couple of dates once in a while, later on they become a couple.

(Their history will be posted separately soon, or not, IDK, I don't really care.)

Brief history about Jay:

Her Mother died of a fatal illness, the same time around when her father went missing and when she was turning 8. The only family she has is her older brother Falcon, who is very cold and indifferent towards her, he even hates her for thinking that it was her fault for their father's disappearance and for leaving their mother alone in the house for 5 mins while Falcon was getting more logs and when Jay was going to get some fruit. This unhealthy relationship continues through out their poor and struggling lives; Falcon telling everyone that she killed their mother whenever strangers ask them where there parents are, making everyone detest Jay and see what a monster she is. But despite this, he is very over-protective of her and secretly cares deeply for her well-being, especially when he protects her from suspicious people (mostly boys). From then, the two were adopted by shaolin monks and spent the rest of their childhood at the Sacred Shaolin Temple of the Elements, living while training in the art of Kung-Fu and discovering their elemental abilities. By the time Jay was 10 she was already at a 6th ranked level of her air abilities, however her brother was at a 4th ranked level with his fire abilities (he was 14 by then), making him stronger then her. She does states that her kungfu is more excelled than her brother's, making her combat skills more effective and critical. After a while when she turned 18 she attended college to study art and science. Their she met Sukanya who is an inventor and an Otaku. That's when she invented a cross-dimension device that could be set to any world they like to visit. That is where the story of Jay's adventures in the One Piece world begins.

Fun Facts:

Even though Jay is the type that likes to do fun and crazy things that end badly or better, most of the time, especially when it comes to Ace's or anyone's recklessness, she acts more mature and is the voice of reason. She also takes control and responsibility for Ace's and her friends' troublesome shenanigans. She is above average intelligence and thinks quick on her feet.

She has 3 gags: Her perverted acts; Jay likes guy-to-guy action when she sees it, and won't hesitant the opportunity to take photos or spy on them. she is also somewhat lusty and "steamy". Her Bribery; Jay likes to bribe people to get out of tough situations, this also proves to be useful when Ace does his dine-and-dash, but instead of paying with real money, she either use fake drawn money, favors, or a peek at her breast which ends up with Jay punching the guy critical out cold. Her funny faces; Jay has a tendency of making unusual funny faces, rather she be happy, sad, angry, surprised, or whatever, she'll have a face for it.

Over the course of being together, Jay inherited Ace's "Live with no regrets" quote, his tolerance of pain and never backing down from a fight. She has also taken a liken to Ace's dine-and-dash antics.

She has a figure 8 body.

She loves food and is great at cooking.

She has a small tattoo of her air symbol on the left-side of her back.

Like the rest of her family, Jay's name is a pun on the Blue Jay bird. Her family are all named after birds. Just like her mother's name (Raven), Jay's name is part of the Crovidae species (crow family); but her secretly and not to be known for reasons, her last name is Raptor . Her father's name (Eagle) and brother's name (Falcon) is part of the Raptor species. Also Blue Jays are Jay's favorite animal.

VA (Voice Actress):
American- Colleen Clinkenbeard, (Fullmental Alchemist: Riza Hawkeye)
Japanese- Yuka Komatsu, (Naruto Shippuden: Karui)



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Almost done with most of my drawings, god I can't wait until I'm out of school in a month so I can just draw, sleep, hang, and work. School's always in the way (sometimes).


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:star: Name: Johanna Campbell (Nickname: Joey or Jojo)
:star: I love Anime and Manga (I'm an Otaku).
:star: I'm somewhat a bit goth.
:star: I really LOVE Pandas!! (and dogs too.)
:star: I'm a Jamaican-American, with a hint of British.
:star: I'm very lazy but not that lazy.
:star: I'm a pervy yaoi-loving fangirl (Favorite Couples: GohanXTrunks, AceXLuffy, any other adorable yaoi couple).
:star: I procrastinate with my art a bit.
:star: I love Lasagna, meat, green tea, mint chocolate-chip ice cream, and watermelons.
:star: My favorite Anime: Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, and basically any anime with martial arts, comedy, violence, and a bit of drama.
:star: I'm a college student.
:star: Birthday on September 30 [Libra].
:star: I love to Cosplay.
:star: My career goal and dream: To become an artist and shonen mangaka and work for shonen jump or viz media. (Also to work for Studio Gibli or Cartoon Network.)
:star: I'm a Masculine Women!
:star: I do Karate and Tae Kwon Do.
:star: I own a katana sword named Isabelle
:star: Most favorite anime characters: Dragon Ball Z: Teen Gohan, Future Trunks, Andriod 18, Chi-chi, Krillin/ One Piece: Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Nami, Boa Hancock/ Blue Exorcist: Rin Okumura, Shiemi Moriyama/ Naruto: Hinata Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Naru, Temari.

-One Piece-

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I LOVE :iconbeatingheartplz: you, Portgas D. Ace

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